Testimony by Pastor Jannie Wee (AOF Global Sydney, Australia)

Being restricted and brought up by both parents who were committed atheist, after marriage, I embrace Buddhism. I was struggling with relationships and emotional problems, battled with cancer twice in a span of two years, suffered depression and having suicidal thoughts.

While I was battling with cancer and after a lot of soul searching and conversation with God to give me a second chance to live to want to share my experience and knowledge with others and to save lives, God answered by revealing Genesis 1:29 which states “ I give you every seed-bearing plant on the surface of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.’

Hallelujah! Praise God! He then, opened door for me to open the first fully organic retail/food outlet in Malaysia and began to function as South East Asia first certified organic wholesaler and distributor certified by an Australian Certifier thus achieving international recognition.

My family were invited to a dinner organised by FGBF (Full Gospel Businessman Fellowship) at a hotel and on that night, all three of us accepted the Lord Jesus Christ and at that instant, I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as I felt a warm sensation flowing through my body and I was hungry and desiring for more of the Lord Jesus. I was on fire for God and started to evangelise boldly and share the gospel with others. Glory to God

In 2008, when my friend of 10 years, Jimmy Tan, who embrace Buddhism approached me to buy over my biz, being God fearing, I told him that he need to know my God first as I am only His steward. At the moment, the verse in Genesis 25:33 of Esau selling his birth right to Jacob for a bowl of stew came to my thought. As Jimmy was a staunch Buddhist travelling from nations to nations sharing about Buddhism, I seek the Lord for a confirmation whether to pass on the biz to him. I then led Jimmy Tan to accept the Lord and baptised him in the Holy Spirit. At that instance, he began to speak in tongues, so I obeyed the Lord and sold the biz to him through monthly instalment payments. Thank you Lord for Your faithfulness, goodness and blessings.

Jimmy Tan then changed his name to Samuel Tan and today is being used mightily by God to minister healing and deliverance to nations while his wife runs the business which is doing very well.

On December 2014, my only child invited me to take up permanent residency in Australia, again I seek the Lord for confirmation and the Lord revealed Genesis 46:3 & 4 God spoke to Jacob ‘Do not be afraid to go down to Egypt.......4 ‘I will go down to Egypt with you.......) On December 2015, I was granted permanent residency and in January 2017, I finally moved and settled in Sydney. During my time in Sydney, I was spending time in ministering to those in need in prayers and healing and deliverance.

In January 2018 Ps Paul sent me his profile and materials on CKRM/AOF Global. I replied that this must be a divine connection as I was looking for a mentor. Ps Paul then contacted me and imparted the baptism of Fire to me by phone and at that instant, the Holy Spirit touched me as I was about to fall but I control. After receiving the baptism of Fire, my spirit quickens and I was moving and operating in the Holy Spirit.

In February 2018, when my church found out that I was filled with the Holy Spirit and operating in the Holy Spirit from a written testimony and verbal testimonies, stopped me from praying for those in need and to minister healing and deliverance. With disappointment from being rejected and restrictions from my church, I contacted Ps Paul.

In April 2018, God opened a pathway through my circumstances when Ps Paul, Ps Esther and the team from CKRM/AOF Global commissioned AOF Sydney, ministry with Ps Paul ordaining me as God chosen Pastor and the anointing of fire starter. Thank you Lord that I am being marked and chosen to serve You.

After receiving the fire of God imparted by Ps Paul at the Refiner’s Fire Conference in Chiangmai, the Christchurch Fire Conference in New Zealand and graduating from the AOF Global Fire Starters School in Singapore, I was healed from emotional hurts, completely delivered, being set free and am now 30 years in remission from cancer. I began to put God above everything. The Lord filled me with His Spirit and manifest His presence with power in AOF Sydney weekly prayer meeting. The prophecy of 61:1 and Luke 4:18 are being fulfilled and bearing fruit with testimonies of the sick being healed, bind the broken hearted, break bondages, tear down strongholds, deliverance and setting free those suffering from demonic oppression/influenced. All glory to God!

God’s ordained AOF Global is an awesome and powerful Ministry as during our weekly prayer meetings, when the fire of God comes down with His presence and power, those under demonic oppression/influenced are being delivered and set free without even laying hands to impart the fire or prayed for. Some attendees fall to the floor and were transformed after being filled with the love of Abba Father God, the peace of Lord Jesus and the joy of the Holy Spirit when they received the fire of God without laying hands on them.
Even when calling the fire of God to come down through the phone, the presence of God and power healed emotional hurts and delivered those with mental oppression.

For those who are sensitive to the Holy Spirit, they received the fire, while I am texting to them locally or while they are holidaying in Japan and when I called the fire of God to come upon them during my quiet time with the Lord when praying for them, they too received the fire of God.

All glory to the awesome, all-powerful amazing Lord Jesus, Yeshua Hamashiah, the Holy One of Israel. Bless You Lord!

1st July, 2019