Rev Paul Ang 洪保罗牧师

Rev Paul K P Ang  洪保罗牧师

Rev Paul K P Ang carries God’s glory and great end time anointing; the anointing of Fire of the Seraphim, and the might of Lion of the four living creatures. 

In his meetings, Holy Spirit often manifested His might to confirm God’s word and His calling upon Rev Paul; and imparted many gifts of Holy Spirit to the Body of Christ. Many believers and pastors not only received their healings and deliverances but also the might of the Lion’s anointing along with the various gifts of Holy Spirit, and later on walked mightily in their ministries. 

Rev Paul has great passion for revival and carries the heart of the Father to raise up mighty and fearless end-time Warrior Brides vested in purity and holiness, preparing for the glorious return of our Lord Jesus. Through the leading and inspiration of Holy Spirit, he has documented his spiritual experiences in his book. The book of "Arsenal of Fire" carries His Fire and glory like Paul's handkerchief as recorded in Acts 19:11-12, "God did extraordinary miracles through Paul; so that even handkerchiefs and aprons touched by him were taken to the sick, and their illnesses were cured and the evil spirits left them." Through his book, many in the Body of Christ have experienced the impartation of God’s fire and power, and received their spiritual breakthroughs.

Rev Paul is an ordained minister of Arsenal of Fire Ministries Inc in California, USA and has jointly set up numerous Fire Ministries in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia and USA.


洪保罗牧师带着神的荣耀和强烈的末世恩膏; 撒拉弗的火的恩膏,以及四活物中狮子的能力的恩膏。在他的聚会中,圣灵常常彰显祂的大能,来印证神的道以及神对洪牧师的呼召, 并分赐各样属灵恩赐服侍主内肢体。已有许多信徒和牧者在他的聚会中得着医治,释放,以及狮子能力的恩膏,并领受各样属灵恩赐之后, 满有能力地行在他们的事奉中。

洪牧师对复兴带有极大的热情,以天父的心兴起勇敢和大有能力的末世新妇战士,带着圣洁和纯洁,为荣耀君王主耶稣再来预备道路。在圣灵的感动与带领下,洪牧师将他的属灵经历描写在他的书上。烈火军火库这本属灵书籍带着神的火与荣耀,如神经上记载着使徒保罗的手巾一样 神借保罗的手行了些非常的奇事, 甚至有人从保罗身上拿手巾或围裙放在病人身上,病就退了,恶鬼也出去了使徒行传 19:11-12。许多主内肢体透过这本书,经历与得着神的烈火与能力的传递,属灵生命得着突破。