Hosting God’s Fire and Glory

Fire is Holy because it cleanses and purifies us to become vessels that can be worthy to host His manifest glory and power. You will become mighty vessel in the Kingdom of God if you deny yourself, take up the cross and become like a little child, willing to obey every leading of the Holy Spirit.

Our Heavenly Father does not ask for golden vessels. God asks for yielded vessels – those who will submit their own will to the will of the Father. And the greatest achievement a man can get in this world is a life that is so surrendered to Him that the name of God Almighty will be greatly glorified through that life.

God wants our yielded hearts to honour Him with our obedience, not just lip service to praise and glorify Him in vain (Isaiah 29:13). A yielded heart is a heart of humility. Humility is exalting God and His Word and His plan above our own and being willingly obedient to all that He says. Jesus submitted His will completely to the Father and He was humble. In light of that, if we submit to the Father with our willing obedience, then we too will be walking in humility.

I was ministering in Malaysia’s largest Church last year. Standing at the pulpit facing an audience of more than a thousand attendees, I told the audience that I am a flame of fire with my body engulfed with His fire and glory, and added that if the senior elder/pastor would come and touch me, he would fall to the floor under the power of God. The elder came to touch me and God confirmed His word by the signs that accompanied it (Mark 16:20). Fire surged through the elder and he fell to the floor.

It definitely takes a great level of faith and courage to issue such a challenge in front of a huge audience, without fear of pride being dented and being ridiculed, mocked or labeled a false prophet, if God does not show up to demonstrate and confirm His word by the sign accompanying it. If more Christians have such faith, we will win the world for Jesus.

By God's grace, I have obeyed God fearlessly and God has honored my obedience by working many awesome feats much to the delight and amazement of my hosts. The fire of God has surged through believers, many of them in the five fold ministry, just by them looking at the cover of the book ‘The Arsenal of Fire.’ As a result, many hearts have been set on fire for God.

My submission to honour Him with my obedience, by demonstrating His awesome feat that 'no eye has seen and no ear has heard' gives God the highest praise and glory. God honours those who honour Him (1 Samuel 2:30) so wherever He sends both my ministering partner and me to minister, the Lord displays us as His vessels of honour. We have both fully surrendered our lives to God, full consecrated and set apart for His use.

You will have such courage if the Consuming Fire has cleansed and purified your soul so that your body is worthy to host His fire and glory. God desires all His people to be a flame of fire (Hebrews 1:7) to carry His manifest glory. Psalm 97:3 further assures us, "Fire goes before him and consumes his foes on every side.”

The Arsenal of Fire Ministries has an end-time calling in the body of Christ to raise up ‘Fire Starters’ or ‘Torchbearers’ to carry His fire and glory.

A short video introduction of the Arsenal of Fire Ministries vide the link below:-

May this message bless you.

Rev Paul K P Ang 洪 光 炳
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