God gives people dream about our Ministry


We are constantly amazed at what our beloved Father God has been and is up to. He is so good and worthy of all our praise! He flings wide open doors that we never imagined walking into and He also gives people dreams about our ministry. Praise God! On Jan 2017, we had the honor of ministering in Malaysia's biggest church, FGA. FGA is the forerunner of the charismatic movement in Malaysia. On May 17 2017, God opened the door for us to minister at a women's bible study group in Jubilee Christian Center, which is San Jose's largest non-denominational church, and according to Wikipedia, has about 14,000 members. See link:- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jubilee_Christian_Center After the ministries at Jubilee Christian Center, one of the Church's elderly Intercessor shared with me about a dream she had about two persons; one tall in height and the other shorter and both were engulfed in flame.

All glory to our awesome mighty Lord Jesus Christ!