Testimony by Dr K. B. Tan

Dr. K. B. Tan is a life-long church planter and missionary to the nations. He has planted churches in several Asian nations and in Australia, and has helped to plant churches in many African nations as well. An anointed teacher with powerful messages from the Lord, Dr. Tan is Senior Pastor of Mennonite Church in Singapore. He also leads the Asia-Pacific Mission, Ltd. in Singapore which runs Bethany International University in Singapore, and many programmes around the world. Asia-Pacific Missions, Ltd. is also associated with Church Planting in China through their Chinese ministries.
(photo - Dr K B Tan and Dr John Tay)

A man with a Father's heart, he has shared this testimony to encourage me.

"When I see Paul Ang and the ministry God has given him, it confirms in my heart that our Father is no respecter of persons. Just as Peter told Cornelius and his household: "I now realize how true it is that God does not show favouritism but accepts men from every nation, who fear Him and do what is right" (Acts 10:34).

God has used Paul Ang in such a special and mighty way even though he did not have the kind of "theological" and Bible School training that so many others have. His love for God, his passion for people and the anointing of the Holy Spirit have brought him to where he is today. It is the favour of God that he has bypassed many others and is chosen to be His vessel of honor because his heart is right."

Dr K. B. Tan
Senior Pastor of Mennonite Church, Singapore

Founder of Asia-Pacific Mission Ltd, Singapore